Monday, August 31, 2009

Praises...Part 2

Yesterday was our last Sunday at FBC for a while....sad and exciting. They had a special prayer time for us at the end of all 3 services..and a special prayer time for us in Kid's Church where I volunteer each week. Something unexpected happened....within a very short time I received cash, checks and cards containing $ from folks I've known for years and folks I don't know at all. It was a blessing and it should be what I need to pay for extra and heavy luggage charges (and Check Spellingregular luggage charges now...uggghh)......God is so good....He continues to care for us in such a special way!!!!! Another detail that He had worked out all along. I know I've posted about $$ the last 2 days...and it certainly isn't always about $$....but that is where God was blessing yesterday....oh and just for giggles (and a little extra WooHoo to God)....I also received an email yesterday from a member of my church (who I don't know) who wants to support us monthly... well if God isn't up to something!!!!!! Every dollar counts....this family was prompted by the Holy Spirit and they stepped into action....that money will directly effect the lives of children.... they will have something they need because a family was obedient!!!!! That's Jesus in action!!!!! He calls us to different things...and He expects us to answer YES....What's God calling you to today???????

Grateful for His good and perfect gifts,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do Not Worry....

I have to give praises to God. My daughter and I had to pick up our anti-malarial meds at the local pharmacy today. I won't bore you with the dilemma this has caused in my life....getting our hands on these pills....I know for many it is simple...but for me it became a fist fight with Satan. But, because God is good and He takes such good care of us...we headed to Walgreen's with smiles and relief. I knew that the price of these pills would be an issue....but I try my hardest to let God deal with those things. Before we pulled out of the driveway, I stopped and decided we should pray. I said a quick prayer out loud....asking God to untangle the problems, place just the right person at that counter and that we would only pay exactly what He (God) wanted us to. We were off....upon arrival we encountered the nicest pharmacist ever....who seemed to make all the tangled issues just fall away....than he gave us a quote (which was doable) and told us "10 minutes" only took 5....and as he rang us up he casually mentioned they had knocked some off the price...I didn't question it and gave him a hardy Thank You!!!!!......Truth is they knocked off half (from the original quote) and we walked out amazed and a bit giddy......I'll be honest in saying I'm not sure if I was happier that God answered our prayer or that He did it so simply right in front of my 9 year old. I made sure to discuss this answered prayer with her as we left.....I am so thankful to God for taking such good care of us....for providing the big and the small things....and for showing up in front of my child....God is amazing for showing Himself real to His little children in ways they can see and understand. Thank You Lord!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lazarus x 3 = ?

Randomly, I had the story of Lazarus brought to my attention twice yesterday. The first was a post on a blog I just happened I was lurking around in blog world. The second was as I watched a video I had put off for a couple of weeks...but needed to watch. These two folks looked at the story from different perspectives. After I heard (and read) these two accounts my mind went back to a third account I had heard about Lazarus. My SOE peeps may remember the wonderful speaker we had in Houston...this guy rocked...and told the story of Lazarus in a way that sent goosebumps racing across my body...his words impacted my life....I wanted to run from the room shouting truth. Anyway, I've now read the story in Luke 16 about 7 times. I wonder what God is trying to say to me. Which angle of the story does God want me to hear...or maybe all three...or maybe a 4th. Why do I bore you with such ramblings? It is an interesting anyone still reading this? The 3 angles you ask? Briefly.....1) that anyone would want to cross over the great chasm from heaven to hell.....2)about how God cares for the we certainly will be held accountable for merely tossing our crumbs to the needy...just stepping over them.....3) Note: this guy was a converted Muslim...he spoke about the rich mans' desperation that someone go tell his brothers...he spoke of the lies of Islam and how he knows that as these guys (like the hijackers of 9/11) enter hell...they immediately realize the truth and scream out....Somebody go tell my brothers!!!!!!!!.....all three of these people caught my attention. There is truth in what each of them speaks. Anyway, I suppose I will read Luke 6 or 7 more times tomorrow...just waiting for something to jump out :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Confess...

..."That child needs a spanking; I would never let my child get away with that"......"I can not believe she is buying her child three more coats; we only have one coat each at our house".....Listen to that woman complain that she's hot, that they need to turn the air up - she should just be grateful she has air conditioning"...."No 4 year old should be telling her mother what she will and will not wear; I've never allowed that"....."American families are so wasteful"... "That's right Bro. Allan, you tell these people sitting out here in these pews exactly what they need to hear; I sure hope they are listening"....

I am sorry to say these are all thoughts (conversations in my head) that I've had this week. Wow, PRIDE, rearing it's ugly head. My judgemental attitude makes Satan happy and leaves Jesus feeling disrespected. It's so easy to get caught up in trying to do the right thing and trying to live the right way...and than flush it all down the toilet with and aggravated glance or a disagreeing sigh. I want to meet with Jesus and listen to Him. I want to live my life in the way I feel God has called me to...but if I'm trying or even succeeding...does that make me better? NO !!! I'm still not worthy...I'm still a sinner. We are all caught up in the rat race... many of us are trying our best to keep our focus on Jesus...Where I succeed...someone else is failing and vice versa...Instead of judging them, I should be reaching out to them...being Jesus to them. I certainly expect others to help me in places I struggle....It's our nature. So I'm trying to catch myself more. When I roll my eyes (even if it's just on the inside of my head..yes, I can do that) because I've been inconvenienced...or when I sigh in judgement at the way someone does or does not handle a situation. I'm only raising my own blood pressure...and no one got to see Jesus in the line, aisle or car I was in. I believe Satan loves us angry and judgemental...especially when we are coming against another Christian. God has truly convicted my heart this week...I'm receiving an attitude adjustment....Much Needed!!! And although I continue to believe we only need one coat's not my job to convict...I think I'll leave that up to the Holy Spirit. God has changed my mind about so many things over the last few years. As I look back.. I know seeds were planted many times by folks just living it out in front of me....not by a pointing a finger or an uninvited lecture from an angry, rigid "Christian". I don't ever want to become that..."That" kept me from God for almost a lifetime...but that's another post:) If His joy is my strength and I am filled with His Spirit, than I should find it quite impossible to huff, puff, sigh and moan.
Note: As I read over this, I am feeling a bit ashamed of my thoughts (and there were many). It's very ugly and mean....Now I, Kelly, Praise and Exalt and Glorify the King of heaven, because everything you do is right and all your ways are just. And as I walk in pride you are able to humble me....Daniel 4:37

Thank you for your forgiveness...Thank you that your mercies are new every morning....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Great Blogger Challenge

Okay...I've been inspired again...I know you're probably thinking I should stop lurking and stealing from other blogs and write my own...but why do today what I can put off til' tomorrow. Plus, I couldn't have written this story any is so my heart though. Anyone who knows me, knows I am constantly going on and on about the spoiled, ungrateful children (and adults) of poor daughter knows this best....I've been giving her "talks" about the starving, needy children of the world since the day her carseat turned to front facing....I'm sure the damage is done.....I have a heart of compassion and is a gift (or so the test I took said it was :) I can't help myself...I want people to care....I want people to make changes in their own lives so they can make a difference in someone else's....This post over on Amy's blog has stirred me up....AGAIN....That's it folks....we HAVE to do SOMETHING. Go read the challenge and than do it.....have your kids do it...Jesus would!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finally...I Got SCARED

I've just finished reading Scared....a Glorious Novel by Tom Davis. I know some of you are saying...."you just got around to it...geeeez"......and for those saying "scared of what?" RUN to the nearest bookstore...NOW. I am not a reader in any way, shape or form...but I wanted to read this. It took 3 nights (well I could of easily finished in 2....but I purposely didn't finish the 2nd night so I would have something to look forward to yesterday).....yes my life is that void of monumental happenings :) I laughed, cried, questioned, hated and loved....I was moved. I think that's the move us to ACTION. I am not sure if it is the best book to read 18 days before moving to of the book made me question my sanity....but in the end it helped confirm exactly WHY I'm moving to Africa. I recommend this book (Jacki...that means go buy it it NOW...and let God minister to your heart NOW). Have a great day all....remember to be Thankful!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pay It Forward

Truth is, when it comes to blogs, I'm a stalker...I'm a lurker...yes I will admit it. But I find so many great stories in the process. Thank you God for Amy...I came across her family's story yesterday. They have a heart for orphans and are in the process of their 4th adoption. They stepped out in faith...trusting God for the finances. The lid was barely off the Pickle Jar when they received an incredible gift....$20,000....WOW....but do you think they put their jar away? Absolutely Not....They are still raising $20,000....For Someone Else's Adoption....I'm feeling INSPIRED....please check out their story at .

Thursday, August 13, 2009

22 Days and a Bowl of Cheerios

Woo Hoo...We have plane tickets...If all goes as planned we fly out Saturday, Sept. 5th. There is tons left to's a good thing I work best under pressure. Only with God's help will we be able to fit ALL the school books, our water purifier, bedding and other necessities into our luggage and stay under weight....this should be interesting. Does anyone out there have useful knowledge about packing large things for overseas a keyboard. ~HELP~ We are excited about this Journey and pray that MANY would join Jesus leads!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Glimpse Of Where We're Going...

Hint: Go to the bottom of the page and turn off music before watching.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is how I feel while waiting on a piece of mail I must have before purchasing plane tickets...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fellowship With Friends

Thursday evening I had the privilege of going to dinner with seven WONDERFUL women! Tara, Dee Dee, Jenny, Deanna, Leslie, Diana and Laura joined together to say farewell. We had a great meal and priceless fellowship. It is so nice to sit around with your friends laughing and recalling funny stories. They are each dear to my heart and it means so much that they and their families will be praying for us. I am so thankful that God has placed each of these "Jesus-loving" women in my path. He is so good ...His plans are perfect...and there's no telling what He's got up his sleeve:) I can't wait to see what He does in each of our lives!!! I BELIEVE so many seeds are being planted right now...I BELIEVE I will one day reference this post when I tell stories of the watering and blooming of those seeds....Our King is MAGNIFICENT.
I have several other lunches and dinners with friends in the near future. It is with sadness and JOY that I say "so long". I am so ready.....I am at peace....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Punishable Crime

Yesterday I was flipping through the channels and a show about religious cults caught my eye... anything odd is right up my alley. It was a story about a little boy who had gone missing from one of these groups. His name was Samuel and when they discovered his body, all were horrified. This one year old had died of starvation. I sat and listened to the reactions of the police and locals..."heart-wrenching", "unbelievable", "so so sad", "who could do such a thing", "how did this happen", " I can't imagine what he went through", "He must have suffered", "his parents must pay". His parents had been told by a prophet in their group that they needed to do this...he could only have breastmilk...too bad his mother's milk dried up....he sucked and chewed on her breasts until they were bloody...but his parents didn't budge. Samuel died....a slow, hard, painful death. The outrage was understandable...the parents were put on trial for murder. Someone was going to pay for this child's they should. This is an UNACCEPTABLE heart broke for Samuel...but than it began to break for ALL the others...more than 27,000 a day....WHO will be held accountable for them? What court will hold those trials and hand down sentences? Where is the anger and sadness for THEM? You may say... well it's it really????? I don't think God is up in heaven wearing a black robe, madly swinging a gavel....but I think He's mad....I think He's heartbroken. Are we just blind to THOSE children because they live over THERE....or do we think it's THEIR fault? I think WE are guilty of withholding food from over a BILLION people everyday......sure we are.
I didn't quite finish my muffin this morning...I scraped the rest into the garbage.
I threw out 7 strawberries yesterday..they had gone bad because we hadn't got around to eating them.
My daughter poured half a cup of cranberry juice down the sink this morning.
Last week we threw away a whole bag of greenbeans because we waited to long to do something with them and they went bad.
I threw away some meat not to long had been in the FREEZER way to long.
I went to a meeting Monday night and didn't really like the freshly made, warm cinnamon roll... so part of it ended up in the garbage.
I know...some may think I'm making a mountain out of a molehill....or you may be trying to figure out how I could have gotten those 7 strawberries to Ethiopia or Myanmar....But I know that I'm GUILTY !!!!!...I think God's people are GUILTY.....I think God continues to burden my heart with this...and you have to keep reading about it...sorry :)

...For I was hungry and you gave Me nothing to eat; I was thirsty and you gave Me nothing to drink...Lord, when did we see You hungry, or thirsty...He will answer...I assure you; whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for Me either...
Matthew 25

That's Jesus talking folks...not me. We really can make a difference...each of us. I'm challenging myself...and you...tell me what you're gonna do....
I'm gonna put less on my plate...I can go back for seconds and eat leftovers...but that way I'm not scraping my plate into the trash.
I'm gonna buy fresh products in smaller amounts so it doesn't go bad before we get to eat it.
I'm giving more $$ to my church's Manna Ministry that helps feed those in need.
I'm getting on my knees for those who are hungry.
I'm talking to my daughter even more about this.
I'm purposing to learn more about Fair Trade.
I'm gonna keep talking about it until everyone runs screaming from by blog......
There are so many ways....I DO BELIEVE God holds us accountable.....

So thankful I've never felt the pain of hunger,

Monday, August 3, 2009

Modern Paraphrase of Matthew 25

For I was hungry, while you had all you needed. I was thirsty, but you drank BOTTLED water. I was a stranger, and you wanted me DEPORTED. I needed clothes, but you needed MORE clothes. I was sick, and you pointed out the BEHAVIORS that led to my sickness. I was in prison, and you said I was getting what I DESERVED.

- Richard Sterns, The Hole in Our Gospel

I needed to hear this...I need to hear it everyday. I am SO Blessed...SO Selfish and SO caught up in the Things of this World....May I see Jesus in EVERY set of EVERY circumstance
*To learn more about the little ones in the picture and see how they are progressing check out