Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Sweet Bite of The Big Apple...

We’ve had a wonderful week. There has been a team here from Grace Baptist in Syracuse, NY. This group of 12 were amazing. They have been involved with supporting the widows and orphans of Ethiopia for more than two years. For some of them, it was their second trip here. All the children enjoyed VBS, games, candy and friendships that certainly surpassed language barriers. I have been so challenged by Pastor Gary and his team. There church has less than 200 members yet they support 39 missionaries. They raise large amounts of money to support children and families right here in Adama, Ethiopia. I saw God move in their hearts on more than one occasion even while they were here. The Holy Spirit would prompt them and they would just give whatever they had. I love to see people stepping out in faith…saying to God… “what do you want me to give”….and than giving it …even when they don’t know how they will. But God honors that. In a time when our churches are becoming larger and more luxurious…when our homes are bigger …our garages too full ….when our closets need organizers…when we’re too concerned with what WE are getting from OUR church instead of what GOD is DOING through HIS church …it is a blessing to see lovers of Jesus …reaching out and BEING His hands and feet ….touching, kissing, and loving the least of these. You guys ROCK and you ministered more to mine and Kenli’s hearts than you can ever know …God is so good!!!!!!

Some of the team...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not WHERE you worship...but HOW

Only one window, only one door
Wooden benches on a cement floor
Voices rise and praise the Son
Simply led by the beat of a drum
Nothing fancy, not even a name
God shows up, just the same