Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I can't even think of a title

Well...I figure the only one reading this now is my Mother....sorry for the long absence...my life and the Internet feel a bit like a ketchup commercial...and even then the wait can't truly be captured. To say the least it is a difficult task to blog from here. I hope to configure a quicker way...but until then....who knows. We are here and all is as well as it can be. The home is small but nice and there are 11 children right now. The poverty is heartbreaking and around every corner. The Home has a wall around it and can feel a bit isolating at times....we can not go out alone....and town is a distance away. It is a nice town....but small by American standards. The children are fun and full of energy and always have a lot of love to give....they can sometimes be a little like caged animals....but as I witness the circumstances of their beginnings it is understandable. Luckily they all have families preparing for them....God's perfect plan for their life. I thank all of you who read, send emails, pray and give.....I may not be able to respond right now, but know that I am very grateful. There are so many needs here....please pray that I would be a good steward of the provision God gives. Please pray for our health and continued adjustment...and for the people of Ethiopia. I hoped to include some pictures....but are you kidding....maybe next time. For the sake of anyone reading this I hope to have something inspiring to write about next time. Peace to each of you.


The Munck Family said...

Oh we love you guys and are soooo happy to see a post from you!!! We continue to pray for you daily.

I guess you know by now "Your Girl" is here!!! So you were right, Baby Munck was a girl. I wish you had been here to see her and give her a hug and kiss...but I did for you! Ruth Ella will look very pretty in her sweet blue and white ...as we'll call it Kelly dress.

Love to you my sister, and tell Miss Kenli "Hello"!!!

Mrs. Tara said...

Are you kidding that no one is reading by now- one of the first things I do in the morning and continue to do through the day (and night) is check to see if you have updated.. We are patient sister. So glad to hear from you. Tell Kenli we are praying. I am also glad you found a coke. About blogging have you tried to write a post offline so all you have to do when you get online is to cut and paste it and then publish it. It is so great to hear from you. I know your mother was excited you got to call. We love you and are praying for you!

mstum said...

KELLY! Dear me, I'm so glad to hear from you! I, like Tara, have stalked your site for any shred of news. I can totally see everything you described in your post. The walls, tho necessary, are so confining for those on the inside!

Please try to update us when you can. We miss you! Give Kenli hugs for us.

Stacie said...

Kelly,- hi I am new to your blog but am reading and getting caught up on all your adventures. I found you through my neices blog (Kenli- @ Kenli's Keepers)- I think that is such a neat connection and KNOW that God is in all the details-- so I wanted to reach out since we all seem to USUALLY be in the same neck of the woods. I truly believe that there are NO coincidences where our Father God is concerned. I would love to hear more about the mighty things that God is doing in your life and your mission work! We are praying for you hearre in God's country! (TN)


Amanda said...

Love to you and sweet Kenli!! We are praying for you! xoxo The Varnells

Chris said...


I just found your blog link on YWAM Ethiopia's blog. We are so excited that you are there, and hope to get to meet you VERY soon! Two of our kids are there, where you are!.....and were hoping that we'll be able to bring them home soon. I will be following your blog, thanks for letting us all glimps into what it's like there....we will be praying for you.


Anonymous said...

Yo, Mama!!!! Goodness I'm teared up reading this!!! I miss you soooo badly and the panera talks!! I'm done reading Scared, girl, and ready for my mission to Africa. I cried until I couldn't see anymore...eyes swollen. My heart is so on fire to help. Wow...you have planted a seed in my life. Already involved with Tom Davis' group about being an advocate for this cause in our church...yep FBC! Praying for you every single day. You hang in there and love those litte ruffians....God is gonna bless you BIG and open your heart wide to HIM. I love you, girl.


JACKI LEE said...

Kelly! i love you and am praying for you. i wish i could call you. i am 12 weeks away from graduating :) i cant wait to visit you! i am so proud of you and kenli. keep me posted. i freaking miss you woman!
jacki lee

HBWhite said...

Kelly, we are praying, praying, praying for you and all those within your house. We know that you will be good stewards and put any funds to the best application. I received envelopes from the Ministry for the next donations, so I know that they have received and cashed the first donation. It will be interesting to hear how and how often you get your funds.