Thursday, September 24, 2009

Imitator ?

The Worst Thing That Happened To Me Today:
A small child spit in his hand and threw it on me

The Best Thing That Happened To Me Today:
A small child spit in his hand and threw it on me

This got me thinking…am I being an imitator of God?….Hardly…How did I react when the spit landed?…I was frustrated, angry and my feelings were hurt…but I didn’t hit the child (believe me it crossed my mind) or spit back…well handled, I thought (can you say “pride issues”). I walked away calmly, said a quick prayer and allowed my anger to subside…than I opened my Bible and looked down to see Ephesians 5...was I being an imitator of God? Loving as Christ loved us?….I don’t think so…He didn’t have bitterness in His heart or judgment on His tongue. I once heard a really cool guy (*) give a great sermon about what happens when we are broken….when the pressures of life cause us to crack, what oozes out?… bitterness? Anger? Rude comments? Evil thoughts?… Being broken or cracked is good (in our weakness He is made strong). The more I am broken the more opportunities I have to let the light of Christ shine… apparently I need a lot more practice… I guess there’s more spit coming my way! I hope today each of us can be more like Christ. When something makes us crack…that peace and joy will come out, and the love of Jesus will be evident to whoever is watching.

*props to Mr. Stum


Deanna said...

I remember Jesus being spit on, don't you? With Him in his sufferings.....hang in there...boy are you learning something bigger than most. I love you! I'm praying too!


The Fab 4 said...

Just sent the link to our friend for fear he won't read it right away.

I'm sorry for how that must have made you feel, but how terrific that you could step back (literally) and shift the focus back to the child who needs your acceptance.

Jake Stum said...


Merica and I have been thinking about you a ton. So glad to hear from you.

Does it look like you will need some people to come help and hang out next summer? We are thinking either late May or mid-July.

You are my hero!


Mrs. Tara said...

I love you. I am praying that this small child will know you love him but more than that we have a great big God who loves him the most! I sure miss you!

Steve said...

I have to remember this is out here to communicate with you. It sounds like some experience and God is working through you and Kenli to help these children. I will continue to pray for you both. I miss you Aunt Cheryl

HBWhite said...

Kelly - you are such an inspiration. Everytime I read your blog you humble me, and I pray in thankfulness that I have come to see the edges of your life and can grow through your grace. Know that you are not only impacting the lives of those with you, but all over the world.