Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blind Ambition...

This is a blind widow who lives at our home. She makes gorgeous baskets. The first time I witnessed this, it amazed me. How does she do it? I have sat for long periods of time just watching her. It finally occurred to me she was working off experience …she didn’t need to see what she was doing. It was second nature to her …she trusted her hands to do what they always had. Why can’t I have such faith in my experience with God? I’ve seen Him in action. He’s proven time and time again that He’s faithful. The story of the Exodus always amazes me. I find myself questioning the sanity of the Israelites …how could they possibly doubt God? How could they so quickly forget what He had just done for them? If God parted the waters right before my eyes I’d never doubt again!!!… or would I? God has parted the seas for me …God has done miracles in my life …God has never broken a promise …God has never left me …He remains the same. My experience tells me that He will always provide, always make a way, always listen, always show up, always defend me and always love me. Why can’t I trust God to do what He always has? I’m no better than the Israelites. Maybe the blind widow trusts so much because she doesn’t need to see to believe…she feels the basket and knows that it is sturdy and beautiful. Maybe I’m too busy looking for God to show up …always wanting to see the miracle …always wanting to see the fruit of my labor. Instead of just trusting God’s hand. Knowing that He will make it sturdy and beautiful whether I ever see it or not! One of the most faith filled people I know is my friend Steve …who just happens to be blind. It was no accident that we crossed paths. I love that God teaches me to have better sight through those who can’t see.


Chrystie said...

Absolutely! Thanks for that reminder - funny by daily devotion last night was making the same point. Maybe God is trying to tell me something! Her basket is beautiful! What does she do with them when she is finished? Can we buy one from her? That would be a wonderful reminder to have in my home.

Your favorite #1 Sis!

Steve Morgan said...

She weaves flawlessly because there are no distractions to make her lose focus. God says we need to walk by faith and not by sight. As a blind man I don't have to make those hard choices anymore, but you do. I pray your focus and concentration become clearer every day. I pray you learn to love blindly more everyday. I love you and am always praying. Tell my liitle friend I said hello. The Morgans miss you so much. I know you are where you need to be. My blindness has me where I need to be.
Your Brother,
Steve Morgan

Deanna said...

Why are you always busting my chops with your blogs?? I guess cause I'm one of those golden calf makin' kind of idiots....LOL! Kelly....today, I'm prayin for eyes only for HIM. I'm tired of seeing and looking for the natural...the proof. Thanks for you honesty. I really think you have such a gift of writing...loving...and seeing what at times is harder than most of us want to see or know. I LOVE YOU!!! and miss you more than words.