Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In His Shadow

Lord, these four walls, they box me in
I think of all the places I have been
I long for the wind to carry me away
Backward in time to a carefree day
No worries of God or hearing His voice
What I gave up was always my choice
But now I must give all to my King
My heart, my life, my everything
It’s hard to love that homeless man
Others say, “I know you can”
But they don’t know my bitter heart
Or how some days I play the part
Not really caring about the call
Not really feeling “Christian” at all
Not seeking Jesus as I should
Not sharing truth like I could
Thinking of things I wish I had
Thinking I have the right to be sad
Looking around and wondering why
Not ever knowing if they live or die
Asking myself, “Why am I here”
To give a hug and wipe a tear?
I want to feed thousands every day
I want to share truth where the crippled lay
I want to give children a chance to smile
I want to stay and visit for a while
I want to give hope, and love, and care
I want to give so they’ll learn to share
I know the truth deep in my heart
I’m only called to do my part
Jesus my Savior is The Way
He wants me to follow Him every day
He will feed, and heal, and love
Through me He flows from above
Lord, help me to be empty for you
Help my plans be what you want to do
Help me to notice every lie
Help me remember why you had to die
Help me now as I look at each wall
Knowing you placed me here after all
May I rest easy in the shadow they give
Feeling safe where you’ve asked me to live

My apologies.... we have had SERIOUS Internet issues ...not sure if anyone is still reading. I'm trying my best...


misslynda said...

Oh, Kelly - - - that poem!!!! Did you write it? It is magnificent! I can so relate to it many days! Bless you for being so very obedient to Him and vocal about HIS love for all and His call on all.
Love you,

Meliski said...

Oh we are here! And that poem moved us all to tears!! Thank you for the amazing work you do!

The Fab 4 said...

Yep, still stalking or reading--whichever the case may be. Jake is SO ready to get to ET with you and Kenli. He's bringing an all-star group. Well, almost all-star since I'm unable to join them. :)

ReSoNate said...

I sent you an email! :) Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for caring for my babes!

Sherri said...

I am reading! Praying for you sister. Love you!


Kristan said...

Beautiful. Encouraging. Honest. Thanks for sharing.
I hope you got to enjoy some of the pepperoni sticks I left : )