Sunday, October 11, 2009


Kenli sporting her braids…now she definitely looks Ethiopian. Betty, who is the nurse, also does all the girls hair. Kenli finally got up the nerve to ask her to do her hair…and there you have it. Everyone already thinks she is Ethiopian…people speak to her in Amharic all the time.
Yesterday the children were playing taxi. They lined up their little stools and took turns driving each other around…they paid with money they had made with leaves. I heard things like “Café” or “Airport”…eventually I overheard “Wal-Mart” and “Payless”…seems like Kenli is preparing them for America without even knowing it…I had to laugh !!! Below is a picture of some of the boys lined up with their taxis…waiting on passengers. It’s fun to delight in the little things.


misslynda said...

That floor under their "taxis" looks beautiful in the picture. Is that out on a porch? I know your internet can be temperamental - - but if it will let you upload some pictures, please post some of the plants and flowers. I am sure you have seen some that we don't see in Cleveland. - - and another question, do the children have classes that teach them about the countries and cultures where they might be living in the future?

Sherri said...

Hi Kellye! I would like for you to email me at I want to tell you what God is doing because of your blog. Thanks,


Tracy said...

Her hair is beautiful! Thank you for giving us a view into your life in ET! So grateful for the lives you are touching and changing for eternity to His glory!! If you are ever heading to Holeta please let me know!!