Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Great Blogger Challenge

Okay...I've been inspired again...I know you're probably thinking I should stop lurking and stealing from other blogs and write my own...but why do today what I can put off til' tomorrow. Plus, I couldn't have written this story any is so my heart though. Anyone who knows me, knows I am constantly going on and on about the spoiled, ungrateful children (and adults) of poor daughter knows this best....I've been giving her "talks" about the starving, needy children of the world since the day her carseat turned to front facing....I'm sure the damage is done.....I have a heart of compassion and is a gift (or so the test I took said it was :) I can't help myself...I want people to care....I want people to make changes in their own lives so they can make a difference in someone else's....This post over on Amy's blog has stirred me up....AGAIN....That's it folks....we HAVE to do SOMETHING. Go read the challenge and than do it.....have your kids do it...Jesus would!!!!

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Amy said...

Thanks my friend. LOVE your heart and wish there were more like you. I agree- Jesus would- and DID. Actually, He gave it ALL. Amy