Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lazarus x 3 = ?

Randomly, I had the story of Lazarus brought to my attention twice yesterday. The first was a post on a blog I just happened I was lurking around in blog world. The second was as I watched a video I had put off for a couple of weeks...but needed to watch. These two folks looked at the story from different perspectives. After I heard (and read) these two accounts my mind went back to a third account I had heard about Lazarus. My SOE peeps may remember the wonderful speaker we had in Houston...this guy rocked...and told the story of Lazarus in a way that sent goosebumps racing across my body...his words impacted my life....I wanted to run from the room shouting truth. Anyway, I've now read the story in Luke 16 about 7 times. I wonder what God is trying to say to me. Which angle of the story does God want me to hear...or maybe all three...or maybe a 4th. Why do I bore you with such ramblings? It is an interesting anyone still reading this? The 3 angles you ask? Briefly.....1) that anyone would want to cross over the great chasm from heaven to hell.....2)about how God cares for the we certainly will be held accountable for merely tossing our crumbs to the needy...just stepping over them.....3) Note: this guy was a converted Muslim...he spoke about the rich mans' desperation that someone go tell his brothers...he spoke of the lies of Islam and how he knows that as these guys (like the hijackers of 9/11) enter hell...they immediately realize the truth and scream out....Somebody go tell my brothers!!!!!!!!.....all three of these people caught my attention. There is truth in what each of them speaks. Anyway, I suppose I will read Luke 6 or 7 more times tomorrow...just waiting for something to jump out :)

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