Monday, August 31, 2009

Praises...Part 2

Yesterday was our last Sunday at FBC for a while....sad and exciting. They had a special prayer time for us at the end of all 3 services..and a special prayer time for us in Kid's Church where I volunteer each week. Something unexpected happened....within a very short time I received cash, checks and cards containing $ from folks I've known for years and folks I don't know at all. It was a blessing and it should be what I need to pay for extra and heavy luggage charges (and Check Spellingregular luggage charges now...uggghh)......God is so good....He continues to care for us in such a special way!!!!! Another detail that He had worked out all along. I know I've posted about $$ the last 2 days...and it certainly isn't always about $$....but that is where God was blessing yesterday....oh and just for giggles (and a little extra WooHoo to God)....I also received an email yesterday from a member of my church (who I don't know) who wants to support us monthly... well if God isn't up to something!!!!!! Every dollar counts....this family was prompted by the Holy Spirit and they stepped into action....that money will directly effect the lives of children.... they will have something they need because a family was obedient!!!!! That's Jesus in action!!!!! He calls us to different things...and He expects us to answer YES....What's God calling you to today???????

Grateful for His good and perfect gifts,

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Amanda said...

I'm excited to hear about God's blessings for you & Kenli. I think it's great too that you discuss His answers to prayer with her so that she can see His hand in everything.