Friday, November 20, 2009

Receipe for a Full Day of Fun

Some old bottle caps
Handful of dirt
Eight children
Endless Imagination

Give an equal amount of bottle caps to each child. Pack dirt into one of your caps (this will be your throwing cap) and stick the others in your pocket. Divide children into groups of two. The first group can each lay a cap on the ground (side by side) and stand back behind the line. Each child gets one throw (with the throwing cap prepared earlier) to hit the caps. If they miss, than each child can flick their cap from where it landed to try and hit the caps again. Whoever’s cap landed farther away goes first. You may capture one or two caps depending on if they move. Repeat until smiles occur. (This is similar to marbles). Enjoy this homemade fun!!!


Melissa Reuter said...

Sounds like the Bigham girls from days gone by. You need one grandmother that will allow you turn one chair upside down, add one small fight over who gets to be Laura Ingles then put Chad or Marti(the youngest) to be the horse. Then spend hours on the Prarie going to set up your homestead. I also remember getting two small bed side tables a few sheets of paper and hours of playing school. What sweet memories we have.....I am glad you are helping these kids to have these too.

You are such an inspiration!

misslynda said...

Did you make up this game or is it something they invented? Like, Melissa, I, too, remember the best games were the ones with our imaginations and the outdoors.

Karleen said...

Ahhh Corkies! ;)Glad I found you blog....this will be the first Christmas we are not in Addis in 3 years!