Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tis The Season...

Tis the season to overspend
Suddenly each coworker becomes a friend
Even the relatives you never see
Must have a package under the tree
Not to mention the kids with their lists
Taking great care so that nothing is missed
There are stockings to hang and cookies to ice
Way too much naughty and not enough nice
A tree to trim and bows to tie
The same for each so no one will cry
It's more about get and not about give
Forgetting the babe and the life He lived
I wonder how Jesus would spend Christmas Day
I'm guessing He would give Himself away
No strings attached, No pretty bows
Just simple acts of kindness wherever He goes
Giving to those who are really in need
Doing something that will truly plant a seed

Maybe this year you would like to buy a chicken, a school uniform, or a pair of shoes...for a child in Ethiopia. Maybe you would like to help an orphan have Christmas. Maybe you would like to buy an awesome t-shirt from a family after God's heart, so that they can bring an orphan home to his forever family. Maybe you would like to sport a bracelet that shows your support of a family who are orphan advocates. Maybe you might purchase one of many great items that are sold to help families finance adoption and to feed hungry children in Uganda. Maybe you would like to contribute to one family's dream to pay for "someone else's adoption". Maybe your family would give up one gift each...or all their that someone less fortunate could experience the love of Jesus Christ. May you be blessed in this season...May we all reconsider the price that was paid ...May we truly give so that we May truly receive all that He has for us. Amen.

Please check out these sights for any of the above ideas:
Gift Catalog/Buy a chicken
Christmas for orphans
My friends who are adopting
Orphan Advocates/Adoptive family
Orphan Advocates at 147
Funds for "someone else's adoption"


The Fab 4 said...

Kelly, we love you dearly. Really. We are so grateful for you.

Caribbean Cindy said...

LOVED the poem!! Great post, too. Really good things to consider! Love you!

Tracy said...

Kelly--- thank you so much for praying or our court date in country!! that means more than you can know! ---we could possibly be paying you a visit on Christmas!! How awesome would that be??? :))