Sunday, December 20, 2009


What a treat! Kenli and I had never had sugar cane...... everyone else here had. We all got a piece..

You cut it in half and than in fourths....tear off a piece and chew on it to suck out the yumminess...

Everyone enjoyed it!!!!

This is what you do with it after you've gotten all the yummy out. Spit it on the ground!


misslynda said...

We will have to ask Cindy if she has eaten any of the sugar cane. She usually posts pictures of it. Thanks for sharing your sweet treats and the happiness they brought.

Rachel B said...

Kelly- My Grandpa O'Bannon grew sugarcane in Southwest Florida and one of my favorite memories of childhood involving doing just as you described. How funny we share a experience so similar...continents away. It is a blast! So primal.

Deanna B

Rachel B said... really is Deanna's comments using Rachel account....can't remember my stinkin' google password! Old age....