Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Called to be Uncomfortable

I think if I'm comfortable in my church, my relationship with God, or my daily life that I've lost touch with Jesus. I believe we are called to be keeps us alert and it keeps us in need of God. I am reading an amazing book called "The Irresistible as a ordinary radical" by Shane has challenged me. I wanted to share something he said about allowing God to make our life uncomfortable. From some of the rich young ruler text which appears in Matthew, Mark and Luke......"After Jesus' teaching that you must enter the kingdom like a little kid, a wealthy man comes up and asks Jesus what he needs to do, and Jesus tells him he lacks one little thing. ("lacks" is an interesting word to use, since the rich man thought he had everything.) And what might that one thing be? You can almost see him get excited. Then Jesus drops the big one: "Sell everything you have and give it to the poor!" The man's face sinks and he walks away with his riches. I think it broke Jesus' heart to let the man walk away. The text says that Jesus looks at him and "loves him" as he walks away. But Jesus doesn't run after him saying, "Hey, it's a journey, just give half, or Start with 10 percent." He simply lets the man choose his wealth. In our culture of "seeker sensitivity" and radical inclusivity, the great temptation is to compromise the cost of discipleship in order to draw a larger crowd. With the most sincere hearts, we do not want to see anyone walk away from Jesus because of the discomfort of the cross, so we clip the claws on the Lion a little, we clean up a bit the bloody Passion we are called to follow. I think this is why the disciples react as they do. They protest in awe, "Who then can be saved?" (Why must you make it so hard? We need some rich folks here, Jesus, we're trying to build a movement.) And yet Jesus lets him walk away."
I think the point is...God's gonna ask you to give up or give away what makes you comfortable. This happens through out the bible in different ways. And half way isn't good enough. I want to be uncomfortable. Jesus warns us to count the cost before putting our hands to the plow...and he allows us to walk away. I am challenged to not walk away in any part of my life !!!
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Mrs. Tara said...

Welcome to the blogging world. Thanks for sharing from your heart. I can't tell you how exciting it is to watch God work in and through you!

misslynda said...

A long post is fine - - - especially when you have such GREAT things to say! Keep teaching and preaching it, Sister!