Monday, July 20, 2009

Tired But Alive...

We are back from camp and it was a blast. Yes, I was worn out....only three hours of sleep the first night but a solid eight the second night. As usual...God sustained me and I had energy that could have only been from Him. Kenli had so much fun and heard wonderful messages about how important she is to God and how He has a wonderful plan just for her. There was so much food...I think I gained 5 lbs.. The children loved the waterslide, the pool, basketball, volleyball (okay...the truth is our cabin built sandcastles), putt-putt, the obstacle course and the lake. There was super praise and worship and enough sugar snacks to keep them going !!! There were ten girls in our cabin (BTW did I mention we won cabin clean-up) and they were so great. I am glad we went and am so greatful for the relationships that were built (for me and Kenli). A huge thanks to Ms. Tara, Ms. Donna, Ms. Jenny, Mr. Jim and the countless others who made it happen :) Our Father is soooooo good and gives us such wonderful gifts.

oops...Kenli lost her mat...but still loved it.



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misslynda said...

Just started reading your blog today. THANK YOU for keeping us updated. I will read it faithfully and will pray for you both. Isn't it amazing how God works. We wait on His timing and then things begin to happen FAST!
Love you both - -- will miss you while you are on the other side of the world but as long as it's God's will, then it's great!