Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Journey to Where?

What's the ask? Well, we hope to leave in August or early September.... paperwork seems to pick the date. We will be heading to Adama (also called Nazaret) which is about a two hour drive south of Addis Ababa (the capital). The plan is to live and work in The Orphans and Widows' Home. Right now there are seven widows and about ten or twelve orphans....they hope (and know) the numbers will grow. There is also a food and sponsorship program in Adama and Tede (a nearby village).... they give flour to widows and single moms and help pay for schooling and other things. I'll know more details once I get there. Most things will have to be worked out through trial and error. I will be homeschooling Kenli in the mornings and working (cleaning, laundry, english lessons, etc.) in the afternoons and evenings. The days will be full and HARD... I am sure. We are working on details now...buying a water purifier, wind up flashlights, voltage adapter, hand sanitizer :) and many other OFF and more OFF !!!! Oh yeah, and I need mosquito nets...the list continues to grow. I am excited..really not very nervous. I have to put the details in God's hands (along with all the big stuff). If you want to be inspired today go to and scroll down just a tad and watch their Gotcha Day video of the gorgeous Lucy...... yes from Ethiopia. This family is amazing !!!

Serving the One who has plans for ALL His children,

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