Monday, July 27, 2009

God Opened My Eyes

Long story...made short. Last night I had to run to Wal-Mart for something. I left at 9:05 (dark, but not completely). I turn onto a main 4 lane road and proceed to in my own world...listening to a great song. I am a pretty "straight-ahead" kindof life and on the road. For some reason (????) I looked to the right...and we made eye contact. It took a second to register in my was a LITTLE boy...just standing there against the guardrail. I quickly pulled to the the same time realizing he really was alone. Luckily another car stopped at the same time. He was scared, wearing only shorts and carrying a dandelion (he had picked it for his grandmother...that's where he thought he was heading). It took us a couple of minutes to reassure him and figure out he left home because his Dad had just left and walked away (from home) and had been gone a while and the little boy didn't know what to do. He was carrying his Dad's wallet (later, I figured he did this because he had seen his Dad always grab his wallet on the way out...cute)....anyway we called 911...the officers were great and after about 35 minutes an uncle and than grandparents (have you ever seen the relief in a grandmother's eyes when she sees that her grandbaby is okay...after receiving a call that he is walking down Keith St. ??) showed up. This child was so funny and smart....he told his dad's name, mom's name, grandmother's name, where he went to school, his birthday, and what colors the power rangers are (this is education to me)....did I mention he was FOUR....this precious baby had walked about 4 to 5 city blocks and taken a couple of officer was amazed that no one had noticed too! But I am sure Satan would have loved it if no one had noticed at all....but God turned my head and opened my eyes...God is my hero. The little one was okay (I will continue to pray for "C" )...I did Wal-Mart and went home. On my trip home God spoke to know, when He just explains it....Yes He opened my eyes so I would see that sweet baby...but God likes to teach in every circumstance....He was speaking to me about how I need to not always be so focused on what is in front...what is to come....what I have MY sights set on....if I will turn my head...He CAN open my eyes to things He would love to use me for...there are things all around that He can use us for....there are people around every corner who could use a hand, an ear or a hug... it goes on and on. Grow where you're planted....Enjoy the feast God has laid on the table before you (instead of letting it get cold, because all you can think about is the dessert to come) Ethiopia there will be so much need...and of course I have my own ideas...but I have to be willing to let God gently turn my head and open my eyes to those HE wants me to approach....I pray it will be so.....

His Name Alone makes the demons shudder,

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